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Tuxedo Park Bangle Bracelet
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The Tuxedo Park Bracelet is created using the Brick Stitch. The Brick Stitch is historically is found in several cultures, but it is most associated with Native American beadwork. The Brick Stitch is where beads are woven and locked into place by snagging the thread loops between them. As you add a new bead, you snag the thread loop to pull the already completed rows up to the bead. The resultant look is like a brick wall.

For the Tuxedo Park Bracelet project we are doing here, I wanted to make a woman's bangle bracelet, about 7" long and about 3/4" wide, and which had a comfortable, somewhat loose fit on the wrist. I visualized a bracelet that would have a Chanel styling to it, with a limited 2-color palette, and a strong line or outlining in the design.

Inspiration is a very important part of the creative design process.

Tuxedo Park

On a trip to New York City, walking from the East Village to Union Square, I stumbled upon this secluded neighborhood, originally called "Tuxedo Park".

I wondered what qualities of life the people back then were trying to preserve with the name Tuxedo Park, in a neighborhood a couple of blocks from the hustle and bustle of commerce.

So, picture this:

You leave a crowded neighborhood of expensive brownstones, boutique hotels, and the kinds of little shops you only see in New York.

And you enter a postage-stamp sized park with overgrown shrubs and plants and trees that have inhabited this park for 100 or more years.

You take a deep breath. Relax. As if you have stepped into another time and place. A reserved elegance. Sophisticated. Quiet.

Then you step back onto the street, returning to the real world, shopping bags in hand, cell-phone to your ear. A curious yet watchful eye on the crowds.



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