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from Mary Jane Gruhn

Having known Warren Feld for over a decade I have witnessed the growth of his shop Be Dazzled Beads of Nashville, Tennessee to become one of the premier bead shops and teaching facilities in the USA. At the same time I have witnessed Warren's personal growth from an expert business manager to become one of the most talented beaders and designers in the field. Getting to know Warren and having the luxury of being able to visit Be Dazzled Beads whenever I wish has been an inspiration for me. I always look forward to seeing Warren and his latest creations at the weekly open beading sessions at the shop. Warren's creations feature not only technical perfection, but an extraordinary sense of harmony and balance of color, dimension, and uniquely creative artistic design. His creations range from functional jewelry to display pieces worthy of placement in museums.

Warren has inspired me and numerous others to vastly expand our knowledge and skills. Students who enroll in his class at the Bead & Button show will have the privilege of working with an instructor of extraordinary technical and artistic talent combined with exceptional communication skills to transfer his concepts to the participants. Students can expect to learn not only how to produce a specific craft piece, but how to apply the fundamentals of architecture and design to numerous related projects.



from Ellen Sutherland

It is a pleasure to recommend Warren Feld as a teacher. I have know Warren for well over a decade as a bead shop owner, bead study and workshop leader, and trusted friend.

Warren possesses a thorough knowledge of bead history, design and materials. These qualities enable him to give his students a strong foundation in the art of beadweaving. His skilled coaching in these areas are the building blocks on which his students make informed choices. From this point, his students can go on to make creative leaps in their own beadwork.



from Lindsey Griffith

My name is lindsey Griffith and years back I took a class from Mr. Warren Feld. I was absolutely blown away by the information I received from him during the class. I thought I would show up and just be taught the very basics of jewelry making and the class ended up being so much more. He is extremely knowledgeable about the technical side of making jewelry, but also is very educated in the materials he uses. Why we use what we use, how to tell the differences from beads from different countries, and determining the quality of beads are just a few of the things I wasn't expecting to learn, but were so interesting and helpful.



from Charity McGruder

I have known Mr. Warren Feld since 2008. During entire time he has been such a wonderful mentor to me, advisor and teacher. He has given me many ideas on beading. He has taught me so much that I can never repay him, even if I become rich. In fact, I notice that he has been a good teacher not only to me, but also for many others. He has introduced me to sources that I was not even aware of. Surprisingly, many of the lcasses he taught were not associated with any compensation whasoever. It was clear that he was doing it from his heart.



from Mollie Wynn

I am just beginning to learn about beading. I have taken 2 classes with Warren and one with someone else. Warren is an exceptional teacher with a wealth of information about the history, development and current trends in beading. He presents this information with a wry humor that his students appreciate. Although he is obviously a superb master of beading design and technique, he makes even the beginner feel welcome to the beading world at whatever level they aspire to obtain. I have taken his "Orientation to Beads" course and have told him I want to listen to the presentation again. It was so detailed and interesting I want to hear it again to absorb more of it than I could at one sitting. I especially appreciate his tips on how to make jewelry that wears well, and what he has learned to ensure the piece will endure and give the customer lasting satisfaction. His handouts are easy to follow, and when you leave you can remember what he taught with only a glance at the sheets. I plan to keep taking his courses to learn more about how to make jewelry; something I have wanted to do for a long time. As a Quality Assurance Coordinator in my "other life", I recognize quality when I experience it. I highly recommend him to teach.



from Laura Copeland

Warren Feld is a fabulous teacher -- very knowledgeable, talented, insightful, and patient. I enjoyed his classes and learned so much from him. In-depth explanations and excellent teaching guides were provided for each of his classes. He shares information and knowledge freely and inspires students to accomplish their best.

At the Center for Beadwork and Jewelry Arts, the classes I took from him included: Orienation to Beads and Jewelry Findings, Basics of Bead Stringing and Attaching Clasps, Getting Your Jewelry Business Started, Pricing and Selling Your Jewelry, and Internet Marketing For Very Small Businesses...That Works!.

He will be a tremendous resource for participants attending the show, through the enjoyment of his teaching, and being able to watch him at work during demonstrations.



from Susan Parks

My name is Susan Parks, and I am an advanced bead artist who began seriously to study the art of Beadwork in the year 2000. I live in Chattanooga, TN and regularly drive 2 1/2 - 3 hours to Nashville, often for the sole purpose of visiting Warren Feld's store, Be Dazzled. There I shop, gather information that is helpful for things I'm working on, network with other bead artists, and take classes from Warren Feld and Kathleen Lynam. It is the most up-to-date and comprehensive store I have been to.

I have found Warren Feld to be the most knowledgeable person in the business of beadwork, business, bead products and their origin and what is going on the beadwork arts, engineering, fashion and history of beads that I have met since I became interested in beading. I have taken a business class from him, a stringing class, and an orientation to beads class. Each class was taught with excellent handouts, but with even more exceptional explanations, descriptions, and topics that lead to higher order thinking about the whole gamut of topics relating to Beadwork. I have called him with questions about beads, a project solution, or other products, and despite how incredibly busy he must be, he always is there, takes time to respond thoughtfully to my inquiries, and shows true passion about his business that is rarely matched in this day and age. He rarely seems to have to look things up (although he must constantly read) because his voice of experience is always verifiable, is sensible, and works. Through my association with Warren Feld, I have felt a great motivating interest to study and learn more. I am no longer daunted with such perplexitieis as how to price things, if a bead has special meaning, worth, or history attached, if I can find a special item to inpsire a work, or how to spot and avoid flaws in work (my own and others) and choose what we want our work to accomplish. His classes cover basics, but go way beyond compared to an ordinary class in covering the breadth of each topic. The classes are packed with useful information and inspiring, thought-provoking ideas in our field.


from Donna Kato


The design information, the troubleshooting, all the detail you put into this class, is deep. This class isn't 1/4" thick and a mile wide, it's 10 feet deep and a mile wide! It's not just step one, step two, step three, bracelet! I love your teaching style, Warren, you give reasons, options, you help your students beyond the project. You give so much more.



from Mary C.


This class is worth it's weight in gold. The information is presented in a clear and thorough manner. Instructor Warren Feld shares his extensive knowledge in a very easy to understand format. I hope Mr. Feld shares more of his expertise in future classes.


from Terri Garcia

I find Warren to be an excellent presenter.  This is the second of Warren's classes that I have purchased.  The first one was on pricing jewelry, also excellent.  Even though I have been doing art fairs for a while, I thought I'd buy his class to see if there is any new information that I could use to help me along.  This is excellent info for someone who is completely new to the fair experience.  There is a lot of info in the class, that I had to learn the hard way on my own, in one nice neat class.  I did pick up some good ideas though.  So, if you are considering getting into the fair circuit and are full of questions, take this class!




from Paula Morgan, who has been the Beadwork Advisor for About.Com, and more recently, an advisor with, and Blog Mistress/Consultant. - 1/23/2009

Regarding Jewelry Design Study Under the Tuscan Sun

This is about an earlier post today by Member OddShop, and his reminder about the week-long series of workshops and lectures scheduled for April to be held in one of the most beautiful, inspiration and creativity-nurturing places on this Earth - Tuscany.

This workshop, titled Contemporizing Traditional Etruscan Jewelry will be taught by Bead-Space Member OddShop, also known as Warren Feld, owner of one of the most magnificent bead shops in the world, Land of Odds. Warren is recognized as an expert in traditional Etruscan jewelry design and has taught extensively over the years. This workshop will focus not only on the essential techniques used to create this essential jewelry style, but will also teach you how to carry these techniques and skills into the 21st century and no matter what your style of beading or jewelry making, into your own beading or jewelry making studio.

My recommendation is, if you are able to register and attend this workshop but are just not completely sure about it, or perhaps are not sure about the instructor, the cruise company, etc. if you will trust my word, I will help you decide. Do it! Do not hesitate. Warren is an amazing teacher, an incredible beader, has an unfailing knowledge and this trip will change your life.

If you are serious about designing jewelry and want to learn how to bring the old world into the new, this is a positive investment in your professional future. If you are an established designer and want to add a bit of polish to your skills and techniques portfolio, this is an outstanding opportunity to work with a Master. If you are an “of the moment” type of designer, with no interest in historical methods or techniques, but just want to keep up with current design trends and have the ability to make those beaded jewelry pieces that are selling and being worn, this is absolutely the class investment for you, too. Current styles, ranging from the big and bold Bohemian style of Coco Chanel and her line of big beautiful adornments, combining the paste and the precious, to the stripped-down and de-constructed look of twenty different tangled chains, all covered in patina, thrown together with a variety of pearls, organza, and other frills, this is where you will learn which frills, when, why, and how.

With no basis in the history of jewelry styles, it is impossible to re-create them into bare-bones versions or into the so-over-the-top-as-to-look-turned-upside-down-and-inside-out, then without the foundation for this deconstruction, all you may design is a mess. It’s all in the details, and that is what you will bring away from your week’s stay in Tuscany.

As your Friendly Beading Advisor, I personally vouch for him as instructor, bead seller and all-around really great guy.

If you have planned to make an investment in your beading or jewelry design career this year, you would do yourself a huge favor to give this weeklong session your serious consideration. Working in the birthplace of such magnificent design with an instructor like Warren, enjoying a week in the Tuscan sun in early spring, spending time with other serious jewelers and beaders, you’ll find yourself returning to the bench refreshed and filled with new spirit, inventiveness and creative vigor. Trust me; you’ll thank yourself for years to come if you allow yourself this investment in your future as a beader and jewelry designer, and as a positive step in the right direction towards your commitment to living and creating handmade. And to steal a corny (but in this case true) phrase from an ad for hair dye or wrinkle cream or some kind of makeup - the bottom line is: you are worth it! So go, and don’t forget to send me an email and some pictures.

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