Sample Workshop Contract

718 Thompson Lane, Ste 123
Nashville, TN 37204



This Agreement is entered into this __________________ (day), __________________ (mm/dd/yy) between Warren Feld, Jewelry Designer ("Independent Contractor" or "Artist" ) and ____________________________(name) ("Contractor"). Warren Feld signs this Agreement as an Independent Contractor and not as an employee; and this Agreement shall not be construed as creating a partnership or other kind of joint venture between the parties.



Service Period:



Type of Service:

Name of Presentation:

Scope of Presentation/List of Tasks to Be Covered:


Approximate Number of Participants:

Materials Needed or Pre-Workshop Requirements for Participants:

Materials to be Provided by Independent Contractor to Participants at Workshop:

Materials to be Provided by Independent Contractor in Advance of the Workshop (at least 8-12 weeks prior to scheduled date):


Summary of workshop goals, objectives, activities:

Physical sample of project to be completed:

Copies of any handouts to be provided:

List of recommended readings (if pertinent):


Applicable Reimbursements:

Workshop Fee, Honorarium:

Total Amount:

Covers: (please specify Services Time, plus any materials costs):

Materials (please list with amount to be reimbursed):

Travel, Lodging, Meals:

mileage rate:_________

per diem rate:_________


CONTRACTOR expected to provide:

Equipment, Special Display Aids:

Handouts, Supplies, Materials:

Room Set-Up preferences:

Seating/spatial requirements for participants:

Any special lighting requirements, such as whether room needs to be dark at any time:



Instructor Selling Kits or Materials? YES / NO
Describe Kits/Materials:


List Agreement Terms Between Instructor and Contractor:



Invoice Deadline:

Warren Feld Contact (name, phone, email):

Contractor Contact (name, phone, email):




Independent Contractor agrees to save and hold harmless CONTRACTOR and its officers, employees and agents thereof from all liability for loss, damage or injury to persons or property which may arise out of Independent Contractorís performance of services in connection with this Agreement.

The obligations of the CONTRACTOR to fulfill the terms of this Agreement shall be waived in the event of "force majeure" (such as but not limited to inclement weather, public emergency or calamity, strike, labor disturbance, fire, interruption of transportation, casualty, physical disability, illness, flood, Act of God or other disturbance or any governmental restriction) prevents normal and usual operation of CONTRACTOR or sponsoring organization.

CONTRACTOR, but not any trustee, officer or agent thereof, shall be obligated under this Agreement.

If this Agreement is dependent upon receipt of grant funds, the obligations of CONTRACTOR to fulfill this Agreement shall be waived in the event that grant funds requested by CONTRACTOR, sponsor or Independent Contractor for this purpose are not received.

If for any reason, either party must reschedule prior to the date of service(s), make-up dates must be completed within one year of original contracted date.

If the artist(s) arrives at the site, but is unable to complete services due to CONTRACTOR' or sponsorís failure to fulfill responsibilities, the Warren Feld will be paid in full, and the CONTRACTOR will be under no obligation to reschedule.

Cancellation by CONTRACTOR or sponsor: If CONTRACTOR or sponsor cancels services at any time from 15 days to 6 weeks prior to date of services, Warren Feld will be paid one-half of contracted fee by CONTRACTOR; if sponsor cancels 2 weeks or less prior to date of services, artist will be paid the full contracted amount. The exception to this policy will be if CONTRACTOR is able to book artist for a comparable type of service on the same day/period.

Warren Feld agrees not to perform same, or substantially the same services, as defined by Scope of Presentation/List of Tasks to Be Covered listed in this Agreement above, anywhere within 150 mile radius of Nashville, Tennessee, during the 1 year period as defined as any time back as early as and including each of the six (6) successive calendar months prior to the scheduled date, or up until any time as late as and including each of the six (6) successive calendar months after the scheduled date, without a written and express Agreement from CONTRACTOR.






If CONTRACTOR has paid Warren Feld for the development of materials used during the scheduled activity, Contractor reserves the right to use this material for CONTRACTOR programs.

It is understood by Contractor and Warren Feld that CONTRACTOR will not use any materials and activities developed separately by the Independent Contract for commercial sale, distribution, or any for-profit or not-for-profit activity without benefit of a new and separate Agreement related specifically to the material to be used.

Neither Warren Feld, sponsor or CONTRACTOR may videotape or record a workshop without the express agreement among these parties.

While providing services at CONTRACTOR's site, Warren Feld agrees to get express permission from CONTRACTOR for the sale of any materials at these workshops. In most cases, selling is permissible as part of the event.

It is permissible to distribute information/order forms/flyers regarding Warren Feld ís work independent of CONTRACTOR, before, during or after the workshop.





The Above is Signed and Agreed to by Warren Feld:


(NAME) (Date)


Business Name:


City: State: Zip:

Phone: Email:

Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number:

Check appropriate box: /_/individual/sole proprietor /_/corporation /_/partnership /_/ other:_____

Check to be made out to this name: _____________________________________________


The Above is Signed and Agreed to by CONTRACTOR:


The above is Signed and Agreed to by the Sponsor: