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Little Tapestries - Ro Marie
Pendant Choker Necklace
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This LITTLE TAPESTRIES - Ro Marie pendant choker necklace interweaves austrian crystal, czech glass, japanese glass and gemstone beads. This piece was inspired by the artwork of Romare Bearden, particularly his selection and placement of colors. I wanted to mirror his color-blocking sensibilities, as well as his use of line and form. His paintings often have the feel of a collage, with strict linear segmentations of sections and strong secondeary and tertiary color contrasts and juxtapositions within the piece.

The tapestry background is right angle weave stitch, using mixes of tiny cubes and round beads. I wanted a maximum impact of light, color and shadow, so I created this open-netting as background, and three laborately bead-woven sections as foreground.

The left two-thirds (with peach and light lavender beads) is a bead woven applique (square and ladder stitches) later stitched to the tapestry background. Next to this section is a vertical line of mocca brown crystal beads, which are stitched directly to the tapestry background using layered right angle weave. The final third section -- far right -- is composed of gemstone, crystal and glass beads embroidered onto the tapestry background, using a back stitch.

If you picture the tapestry as a table with rows and columns, then each of the three sections is constructed "vertically", that is top down, one column at a time. This allows a hinging between each "column" of beads, and allows the piece to more easily conform to the person's body, as worn. There is also a slit in the piece at the center, from the bottom and about 1/3rd of the way up. The split sections overlap each other. This construction choice also allows the piece to better shape to the body, and work well with different body shapes and curves.

The gold filled chain is woven right into the piece, using right angle weave interspersing the chain links. This weaving continues up about 1/3 of the way of the chain, on each side.

The piece is meant to be worn close to the neck. However, it can easily function as a longer piece, as well.




This LITTLE TAPESTRIES - Ro Marie piece is a one of a kind. If you would like something similar, we can work together to design it.

As shown: $8500.00

Pricing for Similarly Designed Pieces:
(will vary a little bit, depending on choice of materials)

$6500.00 with nonprecious metals
$8,000.00 to $16,000 with precious metals

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