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Soundtrack::Color Micro Macrame Necklace
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The SOUNDTRACK::COLOR MICRO MACRAME NECKLACE is an example of using fiber with beads. Usually, in a mixed media piece, like this, the artist must decide which media should predominate. Then that media's structural and artistic basis should come to the fore in the piece.

In micro macrame, the artist uses thin nylon bead cord and ties knots and braids. As part of the knotting/braiding process, beads are locked into position, one by one. Knots should be tight, even, usually similar in size, and rows of knots should line up against each other.

Most micro-macrame projects are created in linear lengths (think of a belt). So it is fun to try to deviate from this tradition, and add curves and other fun and interactive contours. For a more elaborate necklace, like this one, playing with the contour is critical. Otherwise the piece will not lay right and comfortably, when worn.

Micro macrame pieces are labor intensive. The necklace as pictured is roughly 40" of work. The work takes about 1 hour per inch.

This necklace as shown is 16". The materials include nylon bead cord, Czech glass beads, Austrian crystal beads, Japanese seed beads, metal beads, hook/eye clasp, sterling silver twist wire ring connectors, sterling silver wire and pinch bails. The necklace is designed to be worn alone, or with the addition of detachable pendant drops. Two drops show below are (1) Tibetan turquoise and coral drop, and (2) Indian carnelian drop).





Similar to the image shown, with plated brass clasp, and two detachable pendant drops,

Options (Priced accordingly):
- sterling, gold filled or 14KT gold
- all Austrian crystal beads or gemstone beads
- other pendant drops





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