Other Bead Woven Pieces In The Gallery: Color Metal Block Bracelet- Detailed Images
Warren Feld, Jewelry Designer

Color Metal Block Bracelet
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The COLOR METAL BLOCK BRACELET uses peyote stitch and right angle weave stitch to create approximately 1.25" x 1.25" components which are linked together with gold-filled jump rings and finished off with a gold-filled slide clasp.

The beads used are Japanese seed beads, size 8/0, 8/0 hex cut, and 15/0, as well as 3mm faceted brass cube beads from India.

This piece was influenced by a design by Venetia Perry, which she calls "Metallic Ribbon Bracelet."

I used one of my color blocking formulas to blend three colors, in this case a raspberry, a gunmetal, and a red-bronze. I had my colors "transcend boundaries", that is, cross over from one component to the next, to heighten the excitement of the piece.



7 - 8 1/2" Bracelet
Similar to as shown, with Japanese seed beads and brass faceted cube beads, and gold filled slide clasp,







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