Other Bead Woven Pieces In The Gallery: Russian Right Bead-Woven Necklace - Detailed Images
Warren Feld, Jewelry Designer

Russian Right Bead-Woven Necklace
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The RUSSIAN RIGHT Bead-Woven Necklace is made from Czech glass antique octagon cathedral beads using the right angle weave stitch. Dumar Stone pieces are incorporated into the piece. The strap is an extension of right angle weave, and ends in a simple button clasp, with a vintage button and open loop. The beads are strung using FireLine. The piece is approximately 30-32" long.

I have always been fascinated by Russian bead weaving techniques. They are very fond of the right angle weave technique, in particular. The stitch is very loose, and because of that, I have had to considerably reinforce each bead pass-through, to add a sufficient stiffening of the piece, so it wears well.

I like the "man's tie" profile. I think it's especially sexy when a woman wears a man's tie.



Similar to as shown, with Czech glass cathedral beads,

With Austrian Crystal beads,

With Baltic Amber beads,






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