Other Bead Strung Pieces In The Gallery: Tibetan Dreams Necklace - Detailed Images
Warren Feld, Jewelry Designer

Tibetan Dreams Necklace
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I had been studying traditional Tibetan jewelry, as well as the work of contemporary jewelry artists mimicking this style.

Tibetan jewelry tells a story of the wearer -- her or his status, wealth, religious beliefs, and some history on how these developed. There is no particular concern with fashion. Tibetans use local materials and objects which have personal meaning to them. They combine these materials and objects in no particular order, but all somehow cascading from the same "necklace circle".







Similar to what is shown, with green turquoise, red coral, assorted sterling silver, copper and antique copper beads, findings and chain, Miyuki Delicas, Antique Tibetan Centerpiece, and green turquoise donut.







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