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E. Taylor Necklace
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At the time I first envisioned this piece, we were in the midst of testing out different theories of color blending, particularly when using a wide range of colors. We had several theories and had worked up quite a few projects. I happened to see an interview with Elizabeth Taylor. She was wearing a very beautiful, and probably very expensive necklace of precious stones in all the colors of the rainbow. I said to myself, "Aha, that's the arrangement."

Using Czech glass polished rectangles, separated by an alternating pattern of tiny austrian crystal beads and gold-filled beads, I used a formula for blending colors. The colors are blended along each strand, and then another blending occurs, as the two strands are positioned together within the one necklace composition. The formula positions beads along a line, inversing hue, saturation and proportion from beginning to end.

As pictured, this necklace is approximately 32" in length, with a vermeil square toggle clasp. The necklace is strung on FireLine.



As shown, with vermeil or sterling silver clasp,

With 14K gold clasp,







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