Other Bead Strung Pieces In The Gallery: Blue Waterfall Necklace - Detailed Images
Warren Feld, Jewelry Designer

Blue Waterfall Necklace
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German glass artists often create complex emotions from simple, crisp, sharp lines. There is a subtlety at play, and certain unresolved tensions within the piece serve to enhance the viewer's feelings about and understandings of the piece.

The BLUE WATERFALL NECKLACE is my take on this. The colors are pleasing and feel coordinated, but if you look closely, each bead color might not work if paired with another -- it takes the full form and composition for the colors to gel. There are three different blues; gold and silver; mottled green and blue; among other conflicting color dynamics.

The shapes and patterns of each bead segment are asymmetrical. Yet they seem coherent, when the necklace is viewed as a whole. There are different numbers of beads in each clustered segment. The shapes vary and are not positioned in a regular fashion, but there is plan and strategy here, nontheless.

There is no focal point, yet the necklace feels like there is direction and orientation. It feels as if water is falling, cascading downwards.

Water falls straight, yet the curved sterling silver tubes suggest a different rhythm and movement. Only as a part of the whole composition -- the Gestalt -- do all the parts feel right and well-organized.

Each bead gets some of its expressive power from the beads on either side of it. Each clustered segment of beads gets some of its expressive power from it's positioning with the 2-strand lengths. Each strand gets some of its expressive power from it's positioning next to the other.

The BLUE WATERFALL NECKLACE, as shown, is 18" long, with an adjustable sterling silver choker clasp. The piece includes beads made of sterling silver, Czech glass, and Austrian crystals.



As shown, in sterling silver

In gold-filled,

In 14KT gold,





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