Kinetics Collection: Gyrations Necklace - Detailed Images
Warren Feld, Jewelry Designer

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In GYRATIONS, I create rotating arrows of sterling silver wire. Pairs of arrows are connected by a central coil, which allows them to spin in either direction. In fact, the spinning is an intentional consequence, propelled by the movement of the piece as a whole, as it is worn.

I had seen this general technique employed by a jewelry artist showing in gallery in New York City. I failed to write the artist's name down. And I did not do a detailed sketch of how she created each gyrating wire spacer bead. Perhaps I did it the way she had originally conceived these beads; perhaps not.


In any case, this is a fun piece to wear. Simple, yet lots of subtle things to attract the eye.




(will vary a little bit, depending on choice of beads, and length)

30-32" Necklace, w/Sterling Components and Red and Red Band Jasper beads, Swarovski Crystal, as shown, $775.00

7 1/2" Bracelet, w/Sterling Components and Red and Red Band Jasper Beads, Swarovski Crystal, $350.00

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