Contemporized Etruscan Jewelry Collection::Etruscan Vestment/Spectrum Gold Palette - Full Image and Additional Images
Warren Feld, Jewelry Designer
Contemporized Etruscan Jewelry Collection

Etruscan Vestment/Spectrum Gold Palette
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The times call out for a new jewelry profile that reflects them.

* A profile that sensitively crosses cultural boundaries, and is as wearable in Mumbai as it is in Buenos Aires, Rome, New York, and Nashville.
* A profile that moves and adjusts and conforms and highlights the woman, as she transitions from work to twilight to evening, informal to formal, dashing down the hall or sitting at a desk, playing the role of co-equal partner and friend or powerful corporate executive.
* A profile that is at once alluring, and sensual, without crossing any socially taboo boundaries, or daring anyone else to.
* A profile that comforts and reassures with classical points, lines and mosaic-like arrangements, as well
as colors and materials that mirror our contemporary environment, yet seems so fresh and new.

THE VESTMENT is worn like a scarf or loose neck-tie, with a clasp that fastens in the front, and sets limits to The Vestment’s outward expansion. It is meant to present a recognizable, yet different jewelry profile than a typical necklace. It is at once formal and relaxed, complementing the body and fashion, rather than competing with it.

This particular piece is made up of Miyuki glass cubes, seed beads and delicas, a few Austrian crystals, and 14KT gold clasp, antiqued copper plated brass chain, a few other pieces in gold-filled and glass, and a handmade lampwork bead. These Miyuki cubes, seed beads and delicas, flashing the full range of spectrum golds, are bead-woven together using the Ndebele Stitch. This stitch is used to create two-staggered-layers of alternating cubes and double-stacked rounds in a herringbone arrangement. The two Ndebele-stitched layers are seamed together using a modified Ndebele and Brick Stitch technique, then embellished with the chain along the seam. The clasp assembly extends from the inside sides of The Vestment panel, beginning with the lacey Petersburg Chain strips linked together with a 14KT gold clasp. The clasp assembly can expand or contract, allowing The Vestment much freedom of movement.

The Ndebele stitch allows for a very fluid design, and allows the lengths of bead-woven beads to conform to the shape of the wearer’s body, as if a piece of cloth. The staggered 2-layer panels of Ndebele-stitched cubes and rounds result in three special design effects. First, they create an unexpected multi-dimensionality. Second, they create a slight curvature on the panels along their length. Last, the overlapping intensifies and more sharply delineates the colors. The length of the 2-layer panel is 23”. The Petersburg Chain strips, clasp, and lampwork bead add another 3” to the length of the piece.

Miyuki 4mm Cubes – color 462 (apprx 112 grams or 1,600 beads)
Miyuki 11/0 cut seed beads – color 462 (apprx 30 grams or 3,000 beads)
Miyuki 8/0 cut seed beads – color 462 (apprx 4 grams or 165 beads)
Miyuki 11/0 seed bead – color 401 (2 beads)
4mm Swarovski Austrian Crystal Bicones (5301) – smoke topaz (16 beads)
14KT gold snap-lock clasp with tie bar, braided texture (Rio 623187)
4mm 14/20 gold-filled corrugated rondelle (2 beads)
antique copper plated brass cable chain (2 feet)
20 gauge 14/20 gold filled round half hard wire (4 inches)
Lampwork bead (1 bead)
FireLine size D thread (apprx 375 yards)


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