Crystallized Allure: Canyon Sunrise Necklace Collar - Detailed Images
Warren Feld, Jewelry Designer
Crystallized Allure

Canyon Sunrise Necklace Collar
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SWAROVSKI’s Be Naturally Inspired Design Contest 2008


An original necklace design
by Warren Feld

The sunlight gradually ascends above the horizon. A golden glow sweeps across the plateaus as they touch the skies along the canyon’s rim. Multi-colored layers and textures of encrusted stone and rock and crystals and clay come alive across the aging, steep canyon walls, albeit very slowly. Each color glimmers from within. These colors react to the new day’s warmth. The rays of light fight with barely perceptible shadows and crevices, patterns and variations, among the rocks, mirrored micas, prismatic crystals, and absorbing clays. At the deepest depths of the canyon walls – the river – a powerful force – stirs, on its silent path to far away.

Crystallized – Swarovski Elements capture the splendor of this Canyon Sunrise.

I remember, from a visit to the Grand Canyon in Arizona at sunrise, how the light slowly warmed the vast interiors. The Crystallized – Swarovski Elements duplicate the effects of this light slowly reaching the shadowed canyon walls. These crystal beads glimmer and shine. They blend and merge colors, partially, not completely. These crystals are used in my necklace to give a sense of an inner glow struggling to break out, from a centered energy to a greatly anticipated, surface brilliance.

Swarovski faceted cubes (Series 5601), faceted rounds (Series 5000) and a faceted pendant (Series 6680) tell nature’s story. These crystal beads are bead-woven together using the Ndebele Stitch. This stitch is used to create two-staggered-layers of alternating cubes and double-stacked rounds in a herringbone arrangement. These Ndebele-stitched crystal beads represent the canyon walls at sunrise – an expression of awakening intermittent glimmers of crystal/copper, amethyst AB, lime AB, crystal golden shadow, jet and touches of burgundy.

The faceted pendant – the focal point – represents the ever-flowing, determined yet silent river below. Its surface yearns to absorb the essence of that first light struggling to reach it from above, but as yet, the reflection is merely a muddy mirror image of the hazy orange skies of dawn above the ridge.

The necklace is lined with a gold-filled patterned cable chain – capturing the first brilliant golden light of the morning sun that bathes the plateau and outlines the canyon crest.

As the necklace encircles the neck, it reminds you of the seemingly endlessness of the canyon walls. The staggered 2-layer strips of Ndebele-stitched cubes and rounds, representing these canyon walls, result in two special design effects. First, they create an unexpected multi-dimensionality. Second, they intensify and more sharply delineate the colors.

The clasp assembly, interconnected pieces as if constructed by nature, is made up of 14KT gold hooks, anchors and rings, including a large, central circle reminiscent of the sun’s orb.

Swarovski Materials:
Series 6680 Faceted Pendant, 40mm, crystal copper (1 piece)
Series 5601 Faceted Cubes, 4mm, crystal copper (448 beads)
Series 5601 Faceted Cubes, 4mm, amethyst AB (288 beads)
Series 5601 Faceted Cubes, 4mm, lime AB (110 beads)
Series 5601 Faceted Cubes, 4mm, crystal/golden shadow (62 beads)
Series 5000 Faceted Rounds, 2mm, smoke topaz (218 beads)
Series 5000 Faceted Rounds, 2mm, jet (436 beads)
Series 5000 Faceted Rounds, 2mm, crystal copper (145 beads)
Series 5000 Faceted Rounds, 2mm, crystal/golden shadow (145 beads)
Series 5000 Faceted Rounds, 2mm, burgundy (72 beads)

Other materials:
11/0 Miyuki delicas in 24KT dark gold (3 grams)
11/0 Miyuki delicas in lime silver/lined (3 grams)
15/0 Miyuki seed beads in dark bronze gold (80 beads)
FireLine nylon encased bead cord, Size D (about 250 yards)
Gold-Filled 2.5mm patterned cable chain (24 inches)
Various 14KT gold rings, hooks, anchors for clasp assembly

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CANYON SUNRISE is a show piece, and is not for sale.

As shown, CANYON SUNRISE would be priced at $16,500.

The Artist will, however, discuss creating similar custom pieces. With crystal beads and 14KT gold findings, these types of pieces sell between $9,000 and $17,000.

You may CONTACT  the Artist, if interested.


--- Warren Feld






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