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Crystal Excitement Bracelet
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Stringing beads on cable wire, thread or cord is not difficult, but it does require a thorough understanding of the pros and cons of the various parts and stringing materials that you will use.

The bead stringer has several goals to achieve: You want your piece to
a. Look good and be appealing
b. Last, not break and be durable
c. Move well as it is worn
d. Feel good and drape good as it is worn
e. Withstand all the forces and pressures that result, when your jewelry moves, as it is worn
f. Fit the context within which it is worn
g. Resonate -- that is, influencing the wearer/viewer to establish and emotional connection and excitement with the piece.

A bead strung bracelet offers a small canvas and limited volume for achieving all these objectives.

For my Crystal Excitement Bracelet, I used flexible, nylon coated cable wire. I attached the wire, using crimp beads, to a Toggle Clasp -- basically a ring on one end and a bar on the other. I strung on Austrian crystal beads of different sizes, shapes and colors as well as some pewter beads.

I use this project as an example in my Basics of Attaching Clasps class.

The "Resonance" is established through the use of crystal materials, variation in size and shape, and the resulting pattern and texture.




Pictured are three different color palettes using crystal and pewter beads and clasp. As pictured:



With sterling silver beads and clasp,
add $75.00

With gold filled beads and clasp,
add $140.00

With 14KT beads and clasp,
add $800.00



Mardi Gras / Crystal Copper Palette



Heliotrope Palette





Purple Velvet Palette









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