Other Bead Woven Pieces In The Gallery: Caterpillar Espiritu Bracelet - Detailed Images
Warren Feld, Jewelry Designer

Caterpillar Espiritu Bracelet
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In this project, I use a Simple or Straight Fringing technique.

In the Caterpillar Espiritu Bracelet, the fringe pattern and colors are supposed to capture the essence of the image on the button – the focal point of the bracelet -- , without overwhelming that image.

This bracelet involves creating a line of beads, called a “Train”, and then adding fringe between each of the beads in this Train.

The button is the focal point, so its choice is critical. Begin by choosing your button, and then find colors that coordinate well with the button.

I wanted to use a mix of sizes and shapes of glass beads, including sizes 8/0, 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads, berry beads, peanut beads, and 4mm round crystal pearls and druks, as well as 4mm crystal bicone beads.

I decided to use over 40 colors/shapes/sizes of beads to create a high level of interest and wonder. It’s very exciting for a viewer to interact with so many well-coordinated colors – and much unexpected. I wanted to pick up on the stronger colors in the button, but not in a “strong” way – “subtlety” was my mantra. The stronger colors in the button needed to be present and repeated and well-distributed throughout the entire bracelet. – but not necessarily call your attention to them. I didn’t want any of the 4mm size beads to be in one of the stronger colors – the 4mm area of these beads would take up too much area and volume, and if in a stronger color, would divert the viewer’s attention away from the button.



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