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Mother's Celebration Ndebele Bracelet
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This Ndebele bracelet is a symbolic representation of joy in a woman's life. The selection of colors for the 3 central tubular components represent things which the woman celebrates in her life, about her life, and around her life. These may be colors associated with children, grandchildren or friends. They may be favorite colors, or colors of favorite flowers or other objects. They may be colors associated with important emotions, rituals or times. They may be colors associated with events or places experienced when traveling.

The bracelet is made with Japanese seed beads, using several variations of the Ndebele bead weaving stitch. The variations include Basic Ndebele, Fan Ndebele, Basic Ndebele Tube, Basic Ndebele Spiral Tube, Soft Ndebele Spiral Tube, a stitch with gradual increase and a stitch with a rapid decrease.

A Czech vintage-style glass button is used as the clasp. The piece is woven with FireLine cable thread.

The bracelet is available in any size.





Similar to the image shown,

Options (Priced accordingly):
- all Austrian crystal beads or gemstone beads
- 14KT gold or sterling accent beads
















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