Barcelona Sensations Collection: Barcelona Necklace - Detailed Images
Warren Feld, Jewelry Designer

Barcelona Necklace
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This 3-strand Barcelona Necklace is a composite of several pieces of jewelry I saw in the various boutiques downtown and around town in Barcelona.

There is that strong topaz-yellow-turquoise palette. This palette is actually accented with a wide range of coloration, including pinks, mottled olivine, amethyst, and montana blue. The asymetrical and patchwork placement of color creates a sense of movement, as it draws your eye down and then around, up, over, down and around again.

The three strands are bound near the bottom, leaving a tight, narrow, elongated loop, with two overlapping strips of netted beadwork, using size 11/0 Czech seed beads.


The Barcelona Necklace is availble for purchase, in either a 38" length or 34" length. The colors and pattern would be similar to that shown in the images on this page. The necklace uses a simple 3-strand hook and eye clasp. The piece is strung on FireLine cable thread.


Glass Beads

38" Necklace w/Sterling Silver Clasp, $550.00

38" Necklace w/Vermeil Clasp, $560.00

34" Necklace w/Sterling Silver Clasp, $500.00

34" Necklace w/Vermeil Clasp, $510.00

Gemstone Beads, with 14KT Clasp
(The netted beadwoven strips of Czech glass seed beads, austrian crystal beads, and gemstone beads)

34-38" Necklace, $10,875.00

--- Warren Feld






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